Jaemin Lee







Jaemin Lee

Ph.D. (Graduated)

Research interest
Transparent electrodes
Metallic nanostructures
Optoelectronic devices

B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Seoul (2009)
M.S. in Advanced Devices Engineering, University of Science and Technology (2011)
Ph.D. in Graduate School of EEWS, KAIST (2016)

Journal Publications (~2016)
•Jaeho Ahn†, Ji-Won Seo†, Jong Yun Kim, Jaemin Lee, Changsoon Cho, Juhoon Kang, Sung-Yool Choi, and Jung-Yong Lee*, “Self-Supplied Nano-Fusing and Transferring Metal Nanostructures via Surface Oxide Reduction,” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8 (2), 1112–1119 (2016).
•Hyeon-Gyun Im, Soo-Ho Jung, Jungho Jin, Dasom Lee, Jaemin Lee, Daewon Lee, Jung-Yong Lee, Il-Doo Kim*, Byeong-Soo Bae *, “Flexible Transparent Conducting Hybrid Film Using a Surface-Embedded Copper Nanowire Network: A Highly Oxidation-Resistant Copper Nanowire Electrode for Flexible Optoelectronics”, ACS Nano, 2014, 8(10), 10973–10979 (2014).
•Hyeonjin Eom, Jaemin Lee, Aekachan Pichitpajongkit, Morteza Amjadi, Jun-Ho Jeong, Eungsug Lee, Jung-Yong Lee, Inkyu Park*, “Ag@Ni Core–Shell Nanowire Network for Robust Transparent Electrodes Against Oxidation and Sulfurization”, Small, 10, 20, 4171-4181 (2014).
•K.W. Jun, J.M. Lee, J.Y. Lee, I.K. Oh*, “Bio-inspired dielectric elastomer actuator with AgNWs coated on carbon black electrode”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 14, 10, 7483-7487 (2014).
•Hyeon-Gyun Im, Jungho Jin, Ji-Hoon Ko, Jaemin Lee, Jung-Yong Lee, and Byeong-Soo Bae*, “Flexible transparent conducting composite films using a monolithically embedded AgNW electrode with robust performance stability”, Nanoscale, 6, 711-715 (2014).
•Young Keun Lee, Jaemin Lee, Hyosun Lee, Jung-Yong Lee, and Jeong Young Park*, “Probing polarization modes of Ag nanowires with hot electron detection on Au/TiO2 nanodiodes”. Applied Physics Letters, 102, 123112 (2013).
Jaemin Lee, Inhwa Lee, Taek-Soo Kim, and Jung-Yong Lee*, “Efficient Welding of Silver Nanowire Networks without Post-Processing,” Small, 9, 17, 2887-2894 (2013).
•Jungho Jin†, Jaemin Lee†, Seonju Jeong, SeungCheol Yang, Ji-Hoon Ko, Hyeon-Gyun Im, Se-Woong Baek, Jung-Yong Lee* and Byeong-Soo Bae*, “High-performance hybrid plastic films: A robust electrode platform for thin-film optoelectronics,” Energy & Environmental Science, 6, 1811-1817 (2013). (front cover)
J. Lee, S. Yun, J. Kim, and J. Lim, “Texturing of Ga-doped ZnO Transparent Electrode for a-Si:H Thin Film Solar Cells”, Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 14, B123 (2011).

Conference Presentations (~2016)
Jaemin Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “Nano transparent electrodes for high-performance thin film opto-electronics”, 한국전기화학회 2015, 광주.
•엄현진, 이재민, 이정용, 박인규, 정준호, “나노선 임베드 몰드를 이용한 도금 패턴 전사방법,” 한국표면공학회 2014. (우수포스터 발표상)
Jaemin Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “Novel transparent electrodes for thin film opto-electronics”, 추계고분자학회 2014, Jeju.
•YK LEE, JM LEE, H LEE, JY LEE, JY PARK, ” Probing Polarization Modes of Ag Nanowires with Hot Electron Detection on Au/TiO2 Nanodiodes”, 2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, San Francisco, CA, US
Jaemin Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “(invited) Efficient welding of silver nanowire networks without post-processing,” 7th World Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscles and Nano-Bio 2013, Jeju island, Korea.
•Junhong Park, Sung-Min Lee, Jin Yeong Kim, Kyung Cheol Choi, Jaemin Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “Randomly distributed Ag nanowires as transparent and flexible electrodes”, IMID 2012, Daegu.
Jaemin Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “Silver Nanowire Random Meshes for Optoelectronic Applications”, IMID 2012, Daegu.
Jae-Min Lee and Jung-Yong Lee, “Large-Area Deposition of Silver Nanowire Random Networks,” MRS Spring 2012, San Francisco, CA.

Honors and Awards(~2016)
•The Best Poster Presentation, The Korean Physical Society 2009
•The Global Ph.D. Fellowship, National Research Foundation of Korea (2011)
•The 19th Samsunng Humantech Paper Award (Bronze medal, 2013)

E-mail: jaemin.lee at kaist.ac.kr